Your Wealth Foundations are the building blocks of your Wealth Plan. We will work through each of these areas with you so that:

1. You can identify your lnvestible Wealth. We do this by determining exactly; :

• What you earn
• What you spend
• What you own
• What you owe

2. You can begin Investing to reach your Goals. We do this by helping you work out how much you need to invest, and what type of investment is the best to use for each of your goals (Cash, Property, Shares etc..).

3. You can Protect your lifestyle and your loved ones. We do this three ways:

i) By determining what the financial impact would be to yourself and your loved ones if you were unable to work due to injury or illness, or you suffered from a critical illness or if you were to die. We would then recommend a Lifestyle Protection Plan to protect against the financial impact of any of these events occurring.

ii) We would help you build an Emergency Fund that could be used in case you or your partner lost your job, or for other unforeseen circumstances.

iii) We’ll work with your Legal Partners (or ours) to help you put your “Assisted Living Plan” and your “When I am Gone Plan” in place, so that if anything does go wrong, your wishes are taken care of.

4. You can Manage your Debt better. We do this by handling the relationship with your bank (or one of our providers) to make sure you have the most appropriate loan, credit and savings account structures. By having the right types of accounts you can potentially make huge reductions in the amount of interest you pay, begin to gain tax deductions and save yourself time and hassle as well.