Today, nearly half the Australian population have direct share investments.

But investing in the share market isn’t easy.  You need to have a clear strategy, be able to compare shares, weigh up your options and understand how to buy and sell shares on the market.

Specialist Wealth Group has partnered with Shaw Stockbroking to provide all your Stockbroking needs.

Shaw Stockbrokinghave been providing stockbroking services to Australians since 1987.  We are one of the few financial planning companies who offer stockbroking services as a extension of your overall financial plan.

Supported by a team of leading research and stock analysts, Shaw stockbroking and Specialist Wealth Group financial planners can assist you by evaluating your investments, developing a strategy and then establishing your own share portfolio.

Invest in your future. Ask your Specialist Wealth Group financial planner for more information and experience the Specialist Wealth Group difference.


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