My husband and I were both absolutely delighted with Russell Price's service.   What really impressed me was the way he took the time to get a feeling for where we were at, his depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and his common sense approach, made us feel comfortable.  I have no hesitation in recommending him or his firm's services with complete trust and I look forward to a continued relationship with them.
Paula Bourke – National Life Insurance Claims Manager, BT Financial Group
Our financial planning took a dramatic turn for the best when we were introduced to Specialist Wealth Group. Specialist Wealth took the time to understand our needs and position in great detail and equipped us with the information we needed so as we were able to make decisions about our future financial planning with confidence.  
Natalie & David Murdoch (NSW)
We found Russell different because he helped when it really matters: claim time. He does this because he has a passion for what he does and a clear desire to provide help to his clients when they need it most. In our case, we were able to make a claim for income protection in what initially seemed like a lost cause. Russell was able to do this because he had a deep understanding of the fine print of our insurance policy. His knowledge and passion for what he does makes him an excellent choice when it comes to life insurance.
Dr Alvin Keen (Dentist QLD)
I first took out income protection insurance through a broker - Russell Price back in 2008. Life was good; I was young, single and career minded about to embark on a property purchase of my own. I did not want my dreams to be taken away from me should the unthinkable happen and I wasn't able to support myself. Five short years later, my circumstances had changed entirely. I was married with a young child and another on way when I started experiencing seizures for the very first time late in my pregnancy. Believing it was just pregnancy related, I was shocked when soon after I was diagnosed with a brain tumour (fortunately benign) and being told it needed to be surgically removed. This happened only a month after giving birth. With my husband also not able to work for several month's as he became our primary carer I dread to contemplate what our already challenging and stressful situation would have been like without insurance and without Russell's expertise and guidance especially when it came time to claiming. We found Russell's industry knowledge, dedication and caring nature to be beyond par. Nothing was ever too much trouble; even taking time during his honeymoon to make sure we were doing okay and to ensure my claim would go through smoothly.
Sue Ong (IT Professional WA)
Russell Price was recommended to me by my friend doctor who was undergoing difficult grief when her mom passed away from cancer. She was very pleased with Russell’s service. My husband and I first met Russell at our home last year when he thoroughly explained to us about the insurance package. He was very patient in dealing with our never ending complicated questions. Few months after we accepted the insurance package, my husband sadly suddenly passed away too. True to his nature as a sympathetic and sincere person, Russell even came to attend my husband’s funeral. I was touched by Russell’s gesture. Then I was overwhelmed by grief and had to stop working for a while. I never expected to make a claim but I had to since I have no other source of income. With Russell’s help, I was able to get financial assistance when I needed it most. He was there to help me in every step of the way.
Dr Josephine Ching (GP QLD)
In 2009 I decided to take out life insurance and income protection. Fate was kind to me that day because I stumbled upon Russell Price in google and that afternoon I was sitting with him working out the best policy for me and my family. Now, I never ever expected to lodge a claim, but you just never know what can happen in life. Shortly after taking out the insurance I started to get sick. I was, at the time at the top of my game in the real estate industry and professionally I was doing very well, but my health continued to deteriorate. I pushed through this for 12 months until my body finally gave in and I had to stop working. After much deliberation I decided to contact Russell and just get his thoughts. Thank god I did because my health got worse. Russell provided a service that even to this day I cannot explain. He is literally a life saver. We got my claim back paid for the previous 12 months as I could not work at full capacity, and then I stayed on claim for a further 2 years until I could go back to work again. I am forever in Russell's debt. He already had done his job and signed me up for insurance, so there really was no benefit for him to help me the way he did, other than the fact he is just a damn fine human being and cares about his clients. I am healthier and happy than I have ever been. My whole life has changed thanks to the faith Russell showed in me and for his incredibly diligent hard work keeping my claim running smoothly and at the highest remuneration possible. I hope I can repay Russell one day.
~James T (Prestige Real Estate Agent NSW)